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Special installations for peculiar applications

Special shot blasting equipments for peculiar applications according to customers productive needs.
The process occurs by propelling blast media on the surfaces to be treated; the intensity and amount of abrasive are preset by the operator. The abrasive is recovered and cleaned by a continuous automatic system.


  • Treatment of a defined surface of components of particular shape;
  • Treatment of all surfaces of work pieces of complex shape.

Here are some examples of machines made by COGEIM EUROPE. In addition to the standard range of shot blasting machines, manufactures custom systems tailored to the needs of production and handling of the products.

Shot blasting machine mod. STL 600 /4+1TR COGEIM - STL/A 600 /4+1TR

Shot blasting machine mod. STL 600 /4+1TR - Code: COGEIM - STL/A 600 /4+1TR

Mesh-belt shot blasting installation for marble/granite products for the simultaneous treatment of...

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