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Choose the best for your own shot blasting machine.

COGEIM EUROPE was established in 1970 and is currently a reference and leading company in the industrial sector of surface treatment by designing and manufacturing shot blasting, shot peening and sandblasting installations for standard or special customised applications.

Our machineries are thoroughly manufactured in our facilities assuring an undoubtedly much higher quality of installations than the products offered by the market. This means an added value for our customers owing to less maintenance, greater solidity and sturdiness of structures as well as high productivity over time.

In order to attain this goal we’ve been considering for years “the person” as a central figure in our firm. Whether he’s a customer, a supplier or an employee, our belief is that an extraordinary goal can only be attained with enthusiasm, great care and with the co-operation of an “extended team” of skilful technicians who tend to be the excellence and who clearly are well aware that nowadays a proper operation is not enough thus it’s very important to do as much as possible with everyone’s own talent.

In spite of the worldwide crisis over the last 3 years we’ve doubled our production plant confirming that COGEIM EUROPE is a young, dynamic company which is fully aimed at the future for both group vision and for investments in innovation and technology.

We therefore personally welcome you at our website and would like to invite you to contact us for any information you shouldn’t find online.

Thank you for your kind visit.
Anna and Paolo Barera

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