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Shot blasting machines for mechanical sector

  • Hanger type shot blasting machine provided with hook or hoist – mod. PG

    Hanging load shot blasting machines ideal to treat parts of all sizes and/or particularly fragile parts.
    The available units are provided with hooks or hoists for heavier parts.

    By installing magnetic drums and with appropriate devices it is also possible to carry out desanding operations.

  • Continuous feed – O-ring overhead rail shot blasting machine provided with hook – mod. GSA

    Hanging load - pass-through shot blasting machines provided with motorized O-ring overhead rail and work pieces holding hooks. The displacement of hangers is automatic with step by step system to ensure a constant productivity.

    They are widely used by steel, cast iron and aluminium foundries for the surface cleaning of metallic products.

  • Tumbling rubber belt shot blasting machine – mod. TG

    Tumbling rubber belt shot blasting machines ideal to tumble in bulk loads small and medium sizes parts.

    In case of fragile parts the units can be provided with appropriated accessories.

  • Tumbling steel belt shot blasting machine - mod. TA

    Tumbling steel slats shot blasting machines ideal to tumble in bulk loads very heavy work pieces of medium and big sizes.
    By installing magnetic drums and with appropriate accessories it is also possible to carry out desanding operations.

    Their peculiarity is a high sturdiness for great outputs creating a constant quality standard.

  • Roller conveyor - pass-through type shot blasting machine for sheets/plates, section bars and composed structures – mod. ORIZONTAL

    Roller conveyor shot blasting machines for surface treatment of metal sheets/plates, profiles and metallic structures; they are ideal for descaling and/or surface preparation for the following processes such as painting or galvanization.

    Applications: structural metal works and metal constructions: removal of oxides and descaling in order to achieve a surface cleaning and to determine the appropriate roughness to ensure the adhesion of protective paint.
    Treatment lines and shipyards: the blasting installations can be provided successively with a painting tunnel for the automatic application of protective primer.

  • Continuous feed – tunnel type - mesh-belt shot blasting machine for metallic parts – mod. STL

    Continuous feed - pass-through – mesh belt shot blasting machines especially designed for the surface treatment of aluminum and steel parts.
    The material to be treated is positioned on a variable speed belt conveyor by which it is brought into the blast chamber: a series of turbines positioned above and below the mesh belt carry out the treatment of all exposed surfaces.

    Main features: continuous feed installations suitable to ensure high productivity; they do not require special equipment, thus they adapt themselves to work pieces of very different shapes and sizes.
    They assure very low operating costs and low environmental impact.

    They are available for pass-through widths 450-600-850 mm. They can be provided with 4 or 8 turbines whose power depends on the required productivity.

  • Biconical roller conveyor – pass-through shot blasting machine FOR GAS BOTTLES/CYLINDERS mod. GRB and FOR PIPES mod. GRT.

    Continuous feed shot blasting machines for pipes, bottles/cylinders and cylindrical parts.
    The handling of material for cylinders and pipes of small and medium diameter occurs by helicoidal feed through variable speed motorized biconical roller conveyor.
    For big sizes pipes the transportation occurs through linear feed biconical roller conveyor.

    The treatment line involves the use of a series of turbines of adequate power for the required productivity. These units are ideal for cleaning, deburring, paint stripping or preparation for the next processes such as galvanization or painting.

  • Shot blasting machine for descaling of wire, bars and billets – mod. SF and SB

    Shot blasting machines to be used for descaling and cleaning of wire, bars and billets for the next operations such as drawing, rolling, galvanic treatment or cleaning for surface tests.
    We can provide both traditional design machines and installations made according to the latest innovative concepts which offer peculiar characteristics, as follows:

    MONODISC TURBINES: the reduction of the rotating flywheel mass allows to optimize the power applied to increase the metallic abrasive propelling capacity.
    TURBINES POSITION: the reduced distance between the turbines and the surface of the material to be treated produces the maximum surface cleaning effectiveness.
    EASIER MAINTENANCE: the blast chamber is fully accessible by opening special servo-controlled doors.
    PERFORMANCE: you can get a working speed from 50 to 200 m/min by providing turbines of up to 55 kW power per unit.

  • Continuous feed – pass-through – hanging load type shot blasting machine - mod. GTU

    Hanging load - continuous feed - pass-through shot blasting machines ideal for the treatment of composed metal structural works and large sizes parts which cannot be handled by a roller conveyor.

    For many applications it is possible to transfer the parts directly, without manipulation of the work piece over the painting place.
    They are suitable for descaling and surface preparation for the following galvanization or painting processes.

  • Turbine shot peening machine

    The shot peening process is aimed to enhance the fatigue strength of special components, that is to say the shot blasting treatment which is carried out with some specific control precautions including a careful selection of the blast media and a strict control of blast media propelling speed.

    Cogeim Europe is able to manufacture these installations in accordance with customers’ specifications thanks to the support of a specialized and experienced technical staff.

  • Special installations for peculiar applications Special installations for specific applications in the mechanical sector.
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