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Shot blasting machines for stone, concrete and aggregate products

  • Continuous feed type shot blasting machine for marble, granite and natural stone products – mod. STL

    Tunnel – pass-through type shot blasting installation for the surface treatment of marble, granite and natural stones products as well as concrete and aggregate blocks to obtain a bush-hammered, flame treated, antique appearance finishing.
    Each unit is provided with a steel mesh belt for the conveying of material and with a series of turbines for the propelling of metallic blast media.

    Available widths: 450, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2200 mm; - Pass-through height : 200-400 mm; - Production speed: 1÷5 m/s.

    The roughening is carried out with preset intensity by installing a variable speed drive for the turbines control in order to optimize the surface pressure of the metallic blast media. Very high productivity with very low operating cost, when compared to commonly used traditional systems. Possible simultaneous treatment of the top and side surfaces.

  • Continuous feed - pass-through type shot blasting machine for the handling of slabs in vertical position – mod. STL/V

    Shot blasting machines for slabs with handling in vertical position suitable for being placed in small spaces because of their very compact dimensions. The slab moves vertically slightly inclined and resting on a vertical roller conveyor tilted of a few degrees.

    Compared to the standard model, this configuration allows the elimination of the outlet blower for the removal of dust and residual abrasive using the gravity: this way the energy consumption is considerably limited.
    The loading and unloading is carried out by bridge or jib cranes equipped with pliers.

    Application: surface treatment of marble, granite and natural stone slabs to obtain a bush-hammered, flamed, sandblasted or antique appearance finishing.

  • Continuous or step by step feed type shot blasting machine for concrete and aggregate blocks and/or natural stone products

    Shot blasting installations for the surface treatment of concrete and aggregate blocks, marble/concrete and marble/resin products to obtain a roughened surface and consequently creating anti-slip surface floors according to regulations or for a purely aesthetic appearance in case of wall tiles.
    Normally the machine is set in complete processing lines and the loading and unloading of material is carried out by semi-automatic or automatic pliers that put the products on motorized roller conveyors.

    The feed of material can be performed either step by step or in continuous way depending on the production process.
    The machine can be provided with a defined number of turbines according to the surfaces to be shot blasted (top, sides and ends) and controlled by variable speed drives (inverter) permitting different surface treatments according to individual needs.

  • Continuous feed type shot blasting machine for precast panels.

    Shot blasting installation particularly suitable for the treatment of precast concrete panels.
    The installation is customized according to the system adopted to handle the panels: on work car, suspended, etc. and according to the shape of panels too.

    The machine is provided with a defined number of turbines for the treatment of the required surfaces; their power is appropriated for the required output.
    Such process is highly common owing to low production costs compared to the traditional processes that use coloured shot at sight.

  • Special installations for peculiar applications

    Special shot blasting equipments for peculiar applications according to customers productive needs.
    The process occurs by propelling blast media on the surfaces to be treated; the intensity and amount of abrasive are preset by the operator. The abrasive is recovered and cleaned by a continuous automatic system.


    • Treatment of a defined surface of components of particular shape;
    • Treatment of all surfaces of work pieces of complex shape.
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