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Certification & Training

Certification & Training

Since 1999 COGEIM EUROPE is in possession of a certificate of quality, fortified by its functional and methodical "operating system". COGEIM EUROPE is currently certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the designing, production, installation and servicing of shot blasting, shot peening and sandblasting equipments.

Quality in management, worker safety, method and workflow allow to operate in a supportive environment, making each activity safety and creating quality standards. Monthly meetings are held at our company as regards the safety of employees and our staff regularly follows training courses to keep abreast on everyone's sector of knowledge.

Management, technology, software, working on projects, personnel management and anything that might increase the Total Quality level that Cogeim Europe has set itself to achieve.

The world runs quickly, the companies' needs change from day to day, and now more than in the last years a company regresses if it does not make progress. Do not remain exactly the same as we were yesterday.


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