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Shot blasting machine mod. Orizontal 3200

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Code: COGEIM - Orizontal 3200


Tunnel – pass-through shot blasting installation for the treatment of big sizes sheets/plates, rolled channels, I irons, angle irons, box girders, etc.
Max. pass-through section: width 3,2 m, height 1 m.
It is provided with no. 8 high power turbines depending on the required output; it can also be equipped with a brush – blow-off system for the recovery of residual abrasive.
The installation is provided with a variable speed motorized roller conveyor and is inserted into a soundproof box to limit the noise level.

A self-cleaning – dry operating – filtration system permits to reduce the amount of generated dusts in order to ensure the emission of purified air according to the regulations in force.

  • Steel structural works: removal of oxide and old paint, descaling, cleaning and preparation of roughened surfaces for following coating, aesthetic finish.
  • Sheets/plates, sections bars: shot blasting for removal of oxide, calamine, surface preparation for following processing. Complete lines for shot blasting and priming.
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