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Quality shot blasting machines

Quality shot blasting machines

The added value of a company comes often from a Mission, from a fixed point around which everything revolves.

In COGEIM this pin is called "Quality shot blasting machines"; everything has been built on it and people work every day for it that is to say to make excellent what is good and perfect what is excellent. Or at least we knuckle down to get it.

To do this we decided several years ago to continue the founder's good habit to carry out in-house most of production to have a meticulous control over the various stages of processing, assembly and testing of our installations.

This means a true uniqueness among the companies of the sector, bringing lots of benefits to the machines and to customers, such as:​

  • Quality care of shot blasting, shot peening and sandblasting equipments;
  • Strength and solidity;
  • Shorter delivery times;
  • Inexpensiveness;
  • Knowledge of every part of the machine, thus greater efficiency and accuracy in assistance;
  • Maximum customized designing;
  • Promptness in delivering the spare parts.

And to do all this is normal for us, because as Henry Ford used to say:

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking"

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