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Only a couple of laconic lines are often dedicated to this word by institutional sites or are found in the brochure of a company. Even some dictionaries give a description like this: SERVICE = service offered to customers by retailers and manufacturers of consumer goods in the event of failure or malfunction of such goods.

We believe that this is a misleading or at least an understating way of considering the assistance.

Assistance for Cogeim is being present in a proactive manner throughout the path that starts from the idea and gets to the assembling, commissioning and maintenance of a shot blasting installation. It means understanding the customer's needs, his expectations, the problems that he would like to solve and assessing at the same time the economic aspect of the operation, which must be consistent with the performed operation.

Once the shot blasting machine has been installed and is operational, assistance means to help the customer to carry out a scheduled maintenance, both ordinary and extraordinary and not just making urgent replacements and repairs which involve much more problems.

Cogeim's technical assistance is carried out ONLY by Cogeim's professional staff both in Italy and abroad. This allows us to ensure timely interventions within 24/48 hours from your call/request.

To require assistance, please fill in the appropriate form or contact our operators at no. +39-02 9032261.

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