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Turbine shot peening machine

The shot peening process is aimed to enhance the fatigue strength of special components, that is to say the shot blasting treatment which is carried out with some specific control precautions including a careful selection of the blast media and a strict control of blast media propelling speed.

Cogeim Europe is able to manufacture these installations in accordance with customers’ specifications thanks to the support of a specialized and experienced technical staff.

Here are some examples of machines made by COGEIM EUROPE. In addition to the standard range of shot blasting machines, manufactures custom systems tailored to the needs of production and handling of the products.

Shot peening machine mod. RT 1000 COGEIM - RT1000

Shot peening machine mod. RT 1000 - Code: COGEIM - RT1000

Rotary table shot peening machine for the treatment of steel gears and shafts. This unit is...

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